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    HELLO ALL. I was accepted into a scholarship competition to study in Madrid next year, I entered my skateboard design representing Paraguayan roots/culture. Help a sista out and visit the page to like it! 

    HOLA! Mi diseño del monopatín y zine (Arasy y mitología Guaraní/representando raíces culturales de Paraguay) fue aceptado en un competición para ganar una beca para estudiar en Madrid! Porfavor apoyarme y ‘like’ mi pagina!


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    Languages: Nheengatu (modern tupí), Tupí, Guaraní

    Porã, Poran, Porâ, Porang: Beautiful
    Kunhã, Kuñâ, Cunhã, Cuñã: Woman
    Cunhã-taí, Kuña-taî: Girl
    Cunhã-porã, Kuña-porã, Cuñã-porãn: Beautiful woman 
    Cunhãtaí-porã, Kuñataî-porã: Beautiful girl

    Beautiful women:

    1. Nheengatu: Kunhã-itá puranga 
    2. Old Tupí: Kunhã-porang-a
    3. Guaraní: Cuñã-porã
  3. Fingers crossed that asuncion burns to the ground so the “family” that disowned me goes into fucking hell and I never have to hear anything from them ever again

  5. and now my roommates being an ass yet again so my sister wants to see if we can move out by october. good luck

  6. i vividly remember when i was unemployed and couldnt get a job my family would just guilt me constantly

    my mom would yell at me to find a job and tell me i was socially inept and thats why i couldnt find a job (and i was 16-17 at the time) and told me to go die

    yet when my 25 yr old brother goes through the same thing my family coddles him tells him its ok and to basically take his time when our situation is more desperate than before since we live on our own in a big city and need to pay rent

    today i literally had to take breaks from work to go into the bathroom and cry because i cant take this anymore lol

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    well the verdict is in re: my shituation right now and basically

    -i have to suck up and deal with it/be patient

    -hope that the best happens

    -“it could be worse” so i should stop complaining

    im going to cry myself to sleep again bye

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  10. also reminder customer service employees arent your servants just cause we’re wearing a uniform DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN YELL AT ME FROM THE LINE TO HURRY UP WHILE IM TRYING TO HELP SOMEONE OUT buncha old middle aged bitches